We're looking forward to welcoming you at East Sussex College!

Congratulations on taking your next step into Further Education with us! Your journey to becoming (or remaining!) an ESC student starts here!

Firstly, please do not panic if you do not have the expected/required grades to progress on to your course. We will work with you, taking into consideration predicted grades, and support you to enrol, wherever possible, on your chosen course. We can discuss all the alternatives and find something for you.

So, whether you're set to enrol with us for the first time, looking to apply to us, or are a current student returning to us this September, please read on for our guide to enrolment...

We have set up a dedicated call centre with a large team on hand to answer any questions that you might have. Lines are expected to be busy; we will endeavour to answer your call as quickly as possible. Please only come into college on your specified enrolment time/date. We thank you for your co-operation!

OUR DEDICATED CALL CENTRE NUMBER: 030 300 39699 (lines open 8.30am - 4.30pm)

Ready to start with us? Here's what to expect when it's time for you to come in and enrol...

  • Our Enrolment Centres open between 25 August and 7 September.
  • In Eastbourne: our Enrolment Centre is in Tyler House, Ground Floor
  • In Lewes: our Enrolment Centre is in the Multi Purpose Hall, Cliffe Building
  • In Hastings: our Enrolment Centre is in the Learning Resource Centre, Station Plaza
  • Please only attend on the time/date specified in your enrolment letter
  • You will be directed to the Welcome Desk to register and collect an enrolment form
  • Staff will complete a Qualification Check
  • Tutors will confirm the enrolment
  • You will then collect your student ID card and lanyard
  • You are now an ESC student!

There are lots of ways to contact us:


030 300 39699

Click this icon on our website

If you already have an offer from us, you would have received your invite to enrol session. From the 25th of August you can upload your results using the link below.

Please do not panic if you do not have the grades that you needed or were expecting at this stage. We will take into consideration predicted grades and support you to enrol, wherever possible, on your chosen course. We have a place for everyone, so please do not let anything be a barrier to you starting college with us in September.

Please also bring you qualification results with you to your enrolment, we still need to see your original copies.

If you have any questions, please contact our Call Centre.

Please see our frequently asked questions.

If you are a returning student, you should now have received an enrolment appointment to come and meet your curriculum tutor and re-enrol.

If you are a year two A-Level or T-Level student you have been automatically re-enrolled and should have received a letter about the start of term arrangements. We look forward to seeing you then!

If you don’t have a college offer and want to start with us in September, there is still time to apply!

You don’t need to come into college to do this. Choose from the options below:

  • Call the dedicated call centre number and speak to an advisor
  • Follow this link to the how to apply page
  • Fill in an application form linked below and email it back to us

We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t upload my grades, what can I do?

If you have a phone that takes photos, please take a clear photo of your results (if you can’t get everything into one photo take as many as you need). Send this to your email and then you will be able to upload this to the link.

Can you provide me a letter to confirm my enrolment?

Letters can be sent to students once term starts on the 12th September. Please call us on or after that date on 030 300 39699.

Parents may require proof that their child is attending a full-time course in order to continue to claim Child Benefit or other benefits. The Student will be able to collect a letter confirming this from Student Services from 12th September.

Do I have to pay for my course?

If you are aged under 19 on 31st August 2022 the course will be free (apart from possible equipment costs).

I have a learning need that I would like support with. can you help?

The college will offer learning support where possible. Please contact our Additional Learning Support Team to discuss any support needs:

Eastbourne - Eastbourne.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Hastings - Hastings.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Lewes - Lewes.ALS@escg.ac.uk

I struggle with exams and in school have been allowed extra time. can I arrange this at college?

Yes, support is available for exams if needed, this can be extra time, a separate room or a scribe. For these or any other support for exams please contact Additional Learning Support:

Eastbourne - Eastbourne.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Hastings - Hastings.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Lewes - Lewes.ALS@escg.ac.uk

I have a mobility difficulty, can I request a lift pass?

Yes lift passes are available for students who need them. Please contact Additional Learning Support:

Eastbourne - Eastbourne.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Hastings - Hastings.ALS@escg.ac.uk
Lewes - Lewes.ALS@escg.ac.uk

Do I have to take Maths & English?

Students aged under 19 on 31st August 2022 are required to take Maths and English alongside their main course if they don’t already have a GCSE grade C (4) or above in the subject.

I have already got my GCSE in Maths/English but I have been told I still have to attend these lessons?

If you already have the GCSE and have still been asked to attend lessons, please provide evidence of your grades and show to your teacher.

Discretionary Bursary

Students (or their families) who are in receipt of eligible benefits or have a low income, and are studying a course that leads to a qualification, may be eligible for a Bursary Fund towards the cost of travel, compulsory visits and equipment/materials needed for their course. Depending on their needs students will be awarded different amounts. Visit www.escg.ac.uk/support/finance-information for instructions and to apply.

I would like to register for an Apprenticeship course, can you give me more information?

We can arrange for you to have an informal interview with one of our Advisers who will be able to explain the process of registering. Please contact 030 300 39777 or apprenticeships@escg.ac.uk.