8 August 2022

Five Top Tips to get YOU ready for College in September

Five Top Tips to get YOU ready for College in September

The academic year is over, and it’s the middle of the summer break! As the start of term in September edges ever-closer, it’s time to have a look at five top tips that will help you prepare for college in the best way possible.

You’ve got an exciting, new chapter of your educational journey starting with East Sussex College in September. It can be tricky starting something new, so here’s some tried and tested tips of things you can do over the summer to prepare you for college life.

1) Get Organised!

Being organised is the key to having a stress-free start to college, so getting your stuff in order can be really helpful. Sorting the basics including pens, pencils and notepads, and the course specific equipment such as uniforms for example, can really help to feel prepared ahead of week one.

Aside from basic equipment, it can be really useful to plan your travel routes and learn a bit more about the area around the campus. If you’re taking the bus or train, make sure you take a look at timetables, check where your nearest stop is, and plan your route.

If you’re getting the train to college, be sure to check out the 16-17 saver railcard which gives you 50% off your rail fares, and costs just £30 a year: www.16-17saver.co.uk.

2) Get to know your classmates and tutors!

To help you feel more comfortable and at ease on your first day of college, it certainly helps if you can meet your tutors and classmates.

Your tutor will have set up some summer activities that you and your peers can engage in together. It can be a good ice-breaker!

3) Keep your mind in gear!

It’s always a good idea to keep your mind engaged so you aren’t in shock when you get back to college in September! Simply suggesting reading can be boring for some, but it’s always worth engaging with different forms of media related to your course. Whether that’s following interesting people on social media related to your chosen industry or reading blogs/articles - it’s up to you!

By doing this you’re almost absorbing information without noticing, which is great preparation ahead of starting college.

4) Take advantage of FREE stuff!

As a student you can take advantage of many different initiatives and discounts that are FREE! Once you have received your college email address, you can sign up to lots of different apps that can give you discounts on a wide-range of things, from clothing and food, to stationary for the upcoming academic year.

One of the better apps to download ahead of starting college is UNiDAYS, which you can download on your phone and take advantage of a variety of discounts at the tip of your finger!

5) Keep in the loop!

One of the best and easiest ways to prepare for college is staying up to date with the latest college news. Make sure you follow ESC’s socials @WeAreESCG on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be one of the first to know any information that may be important to you.

Keep an eye out for posts over the summer to help you as we edge closer to September and the start of your college journey. Most importantly, enjoy the summer! Make sure you take a well-deserved break, recharge, and do things you enjoy.