7 October 2021

GP Practice apprenticeship scheme proving a success

New apprenticeship scheme

A new apprenticeship scheme set up by Sussex Skills Solutions and the NHS East Sussex Training Hub has been praised for its positive impact, just months into the project.

Sussex Skills Solutions, the training and apprenticeship specialist of East Sussex College, were able to offer a range of apprenticeship qualifications to provide GP Practice workers with the opportunity to gain apprenticeship qualifications.

After just six months, the scheme has seen a number of people sign up to the qualifications, and has already proved beneficial to their roles.

The apprenticeship qualifications provide workers with the chance to acquire new skills that would enable them to advance their careers, as well as support staff members in gaining skills to benefit their existing job roles.

A few months on and the College have been back in touch to check in with the apprentices to see what the early benefits have been and why they decided to sign up to an apprenticeship initially.

Apprentices decided to embark on their courses for a variety of reasons. Ruby Jefferies, based at Hastings & Rother Healthcare, signed up to the Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship.

Speaking to Ruby, she informed the college that, “I decided to do the apprenticeship to further my career and give me more skills and knowledge relevant to my job as a HCA in General Practice. It's given me more knowledge of my job through the research I've done for different units that are part of the course.”

Once Ruby completes the apprenticeship she hopes to use it to do the Trainee Nursing Associate apprenticeship. This is the case for many apprentices that use the skills, knowledge and behaviours learnt within the advanced qualification to go onto higher level qualifications and job roles.

As part of the apprenticeship, apprentices are able to learn a great deal. Jason Hinton, employed at the Seaside Medical Practice, based in Seaford, has already begun applying what he has learnt as part of the apprenticeship, in the workplace.

“Starting on the apprenticeship course has allowed me to re-evaluate the way things are done and dealt with on a daily basis in the practice I work at. Fresh approach and fresh look at personal development,” said Jason. He also added that he’d like to be able to undertake the Trainee Nursing Associate training in the future.

Sally Sillience, a Health & Social Care Assessor, at East Sussex College said, “We wish all the nine apprentices the best of luck with their current apprenticeships and future career plans.”

Find out more about apprenticeships, fulfilled by Sussex Skills Solutions, at www.escg.ac.uk/apprenticeships