5 March 2021

Getting ready to return to college from 8th March 2021 – FAQs

When will I return to college?

All of our 16-18 students will have now had a specific slot for them to attend their college, have the opportunity to take a test and have a reorientation slot on one of the days in the week beginning 8th March 2021. These sessions will last around 2 hours and at them you will receive information on your timetable for the next few weeks.

Some Higher Education students are also returning next week and arrangements have been shared with them. Following government guidance these are students that require access to specific equipment but we are also in the process of informing all students, including adults on leisure courses, when their courses will restart with many scheduled to being again from 15thMarch.

Will I need to wear a face mask/covering in lessons?

Yes. We will strictly follow new government guidance that says all students and staff must wear face coverings while on campus. This includes corridors, communal areas and in classrooms and workshops. If you have a medical exemption, then you do not have to wear a covering but, for under 18s, we will be asking for parent confirmation that an exemption is required. More detail on this is available here.

Will I be required to take a COVID test at college?

For 16-18 year old students, some adults and apprentices you will you will be offered three COVID tests, three to five days apart during the first three weeks, at our on-site Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) on each campus.

Testing is voluntary but encouraged. You will be asked to self-swab at the on-site ATS, and after 30 minutes, you will know your results.

For the first week every 16-18 class has been issued with a specific test time that and information on where to go to take this test.

What do I do if I test positive for COVID while at college?

If you test positive for COVID at our test centres then we will support you to safely get home and, for under 18s, will inform your parent/carer. You will need to self-isolate in line with the stay-at-home guidance.

If anyone in your household develops COVID symptoms, then you should also let us know and follow the stay-at-home guidance. You can inform us via this campus specific webform.

Will I be required to take COVID tests at home?

The government plan to provide tests after Easter to all students and staff so that they can self-test at home and send the test to the NHS to determine the results. We are awaiting more information about this process and will update the FAQs and inform students, parents and carers as and when we have more detail on this.

I'm currently shielding, do I still have to come into college?

If you (or your family members) are consider clinically vulnerable, you should have been sent a letter asking you to shield until at least the 31st March. We don’t expect you to come into college but you will need to have copies of this letter to make alternative arrangements for college work to be set for the three weeks from 8th March.

What will my lessons be like?

Your lessons will be like traditional face-to-face lessons in classrooms and workshops but with specific social distancing measures in place. We expect all students to adhere to these measures. Everyone will need to wear a face covering, your tutor will maintain a 2-metre distance where possible, and you should avoid close, prolonged, face-to-face contact with anyone during and outside of lessons. We will also ensure that all teaching spaces, as well as indoor and communal areas, are well ventilated at all times.

Will there still be online lessons available if I can't come into college?

If you are in the clinically vulnerable category we will arrange for alternative work to be set for you and this may include online learning options and workbooks. We are aiming to have 100% of lesson delivery available on campus as quickly as possible. But for the first few weeks we may retain some online learning. More details have been shared at a course-by-course level and you will receive your timetable in your reorientation session from Monday 8th March.

Will there still be one-way systems and hand sanitising stations at college?

Yes. We will be doing everything we can to reduce the spread of the virus. This will include regular deep cleaning at all campuses, one-ways systems, and we will encourage you to wash your hands and use hand sanitiser regularly. Our simple return to college guide and this poster provides more detail on the range of safety measures we have in place to protect everyone.

Will canteens and food outlets be open?

Yes. Our canteens will be operating a takeaway service with a limited amount of seating. We're encouraging you to enjoy some fresh air outside while you take a break or have lunch - as long as it isn't raining! If you can, bring a packed lunch and drink from home, along with your own cutlery.

I am nervous about returning to college. What should I do?

Staff are here to support and assist you so please do ask us any questions or raise any concerns with your tutor. If you feel that additional support could be needed to help you return to college, then our Wellbeing team is there to support you. Full details on the services can be found on our Wellbeing page.

Top Tips

Getting ready to return to college

  1. Please wear your face covering. One thing that has been made really clear from the government is that face coverings will be compulsory when at college. This includes all corridors and communal areas AS WELL AS in classrooms and workshops.
  2. Promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. Alongside face coverings, you should keep up with good hygiene practices. This includes coughing and sneezing into a tissue, putting it in the bin, and washing your hands afterwards.
  3. Wash your hands regularly. Please wash your hands regularly throughout the day and use hand sanitiser. We've got several hand sanitising stations across all of our campuses.
  4. Keep your space. Practising good social distancing is still really important while at college. You should avoid close, prolonged, face-to-face contact with anyone during and outside of lessons.
  5. Wear layers. Good ventilation reduces the concentration of the virus. Therefore, we will be keeping our indoor spaces well ventilated and off. So, make sure you wear something warm while in lessons and moving around campus.
  6. Be patient and work with us. There will be new measures in place when we return to college, including Covid testing during the first few weeks. Please be patient and work with us as we administer these tests.
  7. Try to bring a packed lunch. You can still buy lunch and snacks from our canteens, but we will only be operating a takeaway service, with limited seating. If you can, bring your own food and drinks from home and enjoy a break outside. As long as it isn't raining, of course!
  8. Enjoy some fresh air. Try to get out into our outdoor spaces between lessons for some fresh air. This will help to prevent the spread of the virus and give your brain a bit of a boost during the day.
  9. Enjoy learning again. Being back at college is great for your mental health. But we still need you to be vigilant and responsible for minimising the spread of virus.
  10. Don't come to college if you have COVID symptoms. If you feel unwell and have symptoms of Covid-19, report it immediately and follow the stay-at-home guidance.


Reduce the risk

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Getting ready to return to college from 8th March 2021 - FAQs

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Following on from yesterday’s email about our approach to the new lockdown measure I wanted to write to you again to outline our progress on planning with some key messages.

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We can confirm that a student at the Station Plaza Hastings campus of East Sussex College Group has tested positive for Coronavirus, and we have informed all of our staff, students, parents and carers about the confirmed case.

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