Education Recovery Plan


East Sussex College is committed to supporting the educational recovery of our communities affected by lockdown.

Educational institutions have been given a further funding allocation from the government which will help students to catch up with their studies, helping them to recover lost learning time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This page outlines how the 16-19 tuition funding will be used at East Sussex College.

1. Lost or Missed Learning

Lost or missed learning refers to aspects of the curriculum that may not have been covered, or covered in the usual depth, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lost or missed learning does not mean that learning is irretrievably gone. It just means that it has not yet taken place.

This strategy outlines how East Sussex College will help learners affected by the pandemic to catch up, fill in any knowledge and skill gaps, and make progress through the curriculum.

Learning loss will affect the following groups:

  • New learners progressing from Year 11
  • Current learners progressing from one year to the next or one course to another
  • Learners who are progressing to employment, an apprenticeship or further/higher education elsewhere.

The extent of lost or missed learning varies as different learners have been affected in different ways. There is evidence to suggest that disadvantaged learners, and learners who have high needs, have been most affected.

Time away from education will have impacted each subject differently. Where subjects are ‘linear’, the omission of early content is likely to have a significant impact on a learners’ ability to learn later content. Where subjects are horizontal, it may be easier to make up lost ground as core concepts can be taught in the context of whichever topic is being studied.

The College will use the 16-19 Tuition Fund to provide targeted small group tuition in English, Maths and other subjects where learning has been disrupted because of the pandemic.

2. Key Areas of Focus

The following are the key actions that will take place either ahead of, or during the first term, to ensure missed learning can be identified and addressed.

3. Monitoring

The cycle of progress reviews will be used to identify and monitor individual learner actions to ensure barriers to learning are identified and addressed. This process includes reporting to parents/carers and parent/carer evenings.

Download our Education Recovery Plan

Find out more about how we are supporting our students to catch up on their learning after Covid in our Education Recovery Plan.