Fees & Bursaries


Courses Full Time fees Part Time fees
HNC / HND £5,900 pa £2,950 pa
PGCE / Cert Ed £6,000 pa £3,000 pa
Foundation degrees, degrees and top-ups £7,500 pa £3,750 pa


Students from the UK & European Union starting their Higher Education courses will be charged a maximum tuition fee of £7500. EU students who have been resident in the UK consistently for 3 years before the start of their course will be able to receive the same support as a UK student.

If you are studying for your first university-level qualification you can apply to get a loan from the UK government to cover the cost of your tuition fees whilst you are studying. Students who have previously studied in Higher Education may not receive support for their course and should contact Student Finance England for clarification. Depending on circumstances, you may also be entitled to a maintenance loan .

For further information visit: www.gov.uk/get-undergraduate-student-loan

You will only start to pay back this loan after you have left university and you are earning over £25,000 a year. Your payments will stop if your earnings drop below this level.

International students will be charged £9,000 per annum and the college will be happy to help you with any CAS or Visa enquiries.


We provide repayable hardship loans to students struggling to meet their basic living costs. Eligibility is based on an assessment of household income and expenditure. Full details can be found in our Access agreement. Please contact us for further information or to apply at hebursaries@escg.ac.uk


You may be eligible to apply for an East Sussex College Higher Education bursary of up to £500. This is a means tested award based on household income, and is allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Full details can be found in our Access agreement.

For further details contact the HE Bursaries Team at hebursaries@escg.ac.uk.


Further information on loans, grants and bursaries can be found at www.gov.uk/browse/education/student-finance.

You can also see our tuition fee policy here: Tuition Fee Policy.