East Sussex College


What is the Student Opportunity Fund?

The Student Opportunity Fund was set up by East Sussex College in early 2012 to provide financial assistance to current students who are experiencing financial difficulty in their attendance at college, and who are not eligible for support from other funds such as the DLSF.

The college is committed to providing education to all students, regardless of their financial situation, so the fund is used to support students in college related activities – such as travel to and from college, the purchase of books, equipment and uniform, support with tuition fees, meals, educational visits and more.

How does the college work to raise money for the Student Opportunity Fund?

Students and staff both work hard to raise money for the Student Opportunity Fund. Fundraising events so far have included a quiz night, a coffee morning held by Hair & Beauty students, and raffles by the corporation and at the student awards.

East Sussex College is keen to involve alumni members in fundraising and supporting current students in their studies. If you are holding a fundraising event and would like to donate any money to the fund, or if you have any suggestions for fundraising activities, please contact:

Tel: 030 300 39076
Email: comms@escg.ac.uk

How can I donate to the Student Opportunity Fund?

If you would like to make an individual contribution to the Student Opportunity Fund – however small or large – there are a number of ways you can help.

To donate by cheque: please make the cheque payable to East Sussex College and send with a covering letter to: Alumni Development, Communications Department, East Sussex College, Mountfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2XH.

To donate by card or bank transfer/BACS: please contact us and we will provide you with further information.

Please make sure that you provide us with your name and contact details when making a payment so that we can ensure your donation is acknowledged.

For more information about donating:

Tel: 030 300 39076
Email: comms@escg.ac.uk

How will my donation be acknowledged?

We will thank donors individually in writing for any contributions made to the Student Opportunity Fund.

The college is willing to acknowledge donations publicly, so please contact us to discuss ways in which we can recognise your generosity. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please inform us of this when you make your donation.