East Sussex College

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when your browser visits websites that utilize cookies. Cookies allow websites to identify users, store preferences and track information (such as items in a shopping basket). For some websites, they are essential for functionality.

How does East Sussex College use cookies?

The website for East Sussex College is powered by ProcessWire and is tracked by Google Analytics, both of which produce cookies for various purposes. Additionally, utilizing Google Translate (on the international pages) and/or the Browse Aloud utilities on our website may trigger additional cookies. These are listed below.

How long do these cookies stay on my computer?

The duration of cookies depends on the cookie being set. Some cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser or shutdown your computer. These are referred to as “Session Cookies”; they persist for the duration of your session on our website.

Can I delete or block these cookies?

To end users, there is no impact in usability if cookies are deleted or blocked. For editors of our website, some cookies must remain for you to be logged in.

What cookies are set?

We set a number of cookies on our website.

All of the following cookies are created for storing preferences. Deleting or blocking the following cookies may have an impact on functionality of our website:

Cookie Name Purpose Created When Deleted


Stores your site session. You visit this site. Session
PREF Stores various Google Preferences. You visit any page with Google Translate. 2 years
googtrans Stores the language to translate to. You utilise the Google Translate widget. Session

All of the following cookies are created for analytics and can be deleted and blocked with no effect on functionality:

Cookie Name Purpose Created When Deleted


Google Translate Analytics You utilise the Google Translate widget

1 day


Provides a unique user ID for tracking You visit any page

2 years


Tracks unique session You visit any page

30 minutes


Tracks unique session You visit any page



Records source of traffic You visit any page

6 months

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