The College's governing body is known as the East Sussex College Group Board.

The Board is made up of individuals with a broad base of skills and experience drawn from the communities served by the College. Some governors are appointed directly by the Board from the general public and some are elected by the staff and students of the College. It meets regularly to review the College’s mission, consider strategic developments, systematically monitor College and management performance, review and monitor the implementation of a range of college policies, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements at all times. The Board is charged with fostering an environment that enables the College to fulfil its mission for the benefit of learners and the community it serves. The Board’s role is strategic, and governors do not involve themselves in the day-to-day management of the college. The CEO has many delegated responsibilities and he and his senior team are responsible for the managing the College.

The Board meets regularly and has developed a committee structure.

We are committed to openness and accountability and have posted the minutes of Board meetings and key documents to ensure transparency.

We are committed to the equality and diversity of all of our students, staff and service users and welcome applications to join the Board from all members of the community. We have developed a General Principles for the appointment and composition of the East Sussex College Group

Joining the Board

Your involvement and contribution can help East Sussex College to meet the needs of everyone in our communities. As a College Governor your insight, experience and ideas can widen the perspective of our boardroom.

We're keen to involve people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. You may have experience in business, education, community or social work with charities, financial or legal practice or be an entrepreneur. The broader your vocational field and cultural experience the better.

This voluntary role brings many professional rewards such as boardroom experience, enhancing your leadership skills and a positive step towards long-term career development or you may have significant levels of expertise that the Board can benefit from. Perhaps you have specific interest in the provision of first class education for young people and a student first culture or want to drive employability and raise aspirations in the area.

Independent Governors are appointed on a basis of skill and our search and recruitment processes are designed to be open and transparent. The Board values a diversity of opinion recognising the value this brings.

The role is not remunerated but the Corporation can provide expenses for travel and childcare.

The process for appointing to the East Sussex College Group Board uses governance best practice models of appointment and abides by the Nolan Principles. For further information on the appointments process please contact:

Mia Bryden
Director of Governance

Email: mia.bryden@escg.ac.uk