23 September 2020

Top 5 reasons why it's never too late to EdYOUcate

We're firm believers that it's never too late to EdYOUcate, and as September is Have A Go month, why not see what part-time courses we have on offer.

23 September 2020

£1million pledge gets support from Brighton and Hove Albion

The Premier League club is supporting our pledge to help local businesses during these challenging times.

17 September 2020

Get ready for college... by doing some gardening

Gardening certainly helped us during lockdown, and here's how it can help as we head back to college.

16 September 2020

East Sussex College has the best international study programmes for the ninth year running

The British Council has ranked us as the best college for international courses - the ninth year in a row!

2 September 2020

Get ready for college with this mindfulness technique you probably haven’t tried

Chocolate is usually a treat, but now you can use it to relax. Yes really. We were unsure too - until we tried it!

27 August 2020

Our Top 5 tips for getting ready for college

The start of the new academic year is almost here, and, although things are going to look a little different to begin with, we're really looking forward to getting back to college.

25 August 2020

Reaching for the Stars

"You have to try and turn this really awkward energy of this virus into something brand new and positive."

13 August 2020

Digital delight for students as they open their A-Level results

A-Level results day looked very different this year as our students received their grades via email and celebrated online.

6 August 2020

Thinking of using Clearing? Read our top tips

If you're awaiting your A-Level results and not too sure what you'll do in September then why not read our top tips for Clearing?

28 July 2020

East Sussex College's £1million pledge gathers pace

Our £1million pledge is picking up pace, and Director of Sussex Skills Solutions, Stephen Burkes, tells us more about the initiative.

14 July 2020

Student Response

A Mechanical Engineering student from East Sussex College Hastings was praised by a Paramedic for their help during a road traffic incident at the weekend

8 July 2020

Biology Olympiad

East Sussex College students awarded prizes in annual Biology Olympiad and recognised for their work during lockdown

3 July 2020

5 things that 100 days in lockdown have taught us

As we get ready to emerge from lockdown, we take a look back at the past 100 days to see what it has taught us.

29 June 2020

Return to College

"It feels really positive! Students and staff are smiling and happy to see each other again!"

22 June 2020

East Sussex College is working towards being carbon neutral

We're making positive changes to our college to help protect the planet. This year, we are planting 6,000 trees to offset our carbon emissions.

19 June 2020

We, the Future

Art & Design students from East Sussex College Hastings, launch their virtual exhibition, ISOCREATION