19 June 2024

Empowering T-Level Construction Students through Visit to Sea Lanes Development

Student Visit to Sea Lanes Development

East Sussex College is excited to share the success of a recent educational trip to Brighton, where T-Level construction students got to explore the innovative Sea Lanes development led by QED Ltd.

Located on Brighton's seafront, Sea Lanes aims to create a vibrant space for wellness and community activities, featuring a 50-metre outdoor heated swimming pool, wellness facilities, and retail and dining spaces.

During the visit, students had the opportunity to tour the site, observe construction in action, and engage with industry professionals. A highlight of the trip was a Q&A session with Harry Smith, director at QED Ltd, where students learned about modern construction practices and the importance of sustainability in urban development.

Georgina McLeod, Construction & Building Services Lecturer at East Sussex College, said, "This hands-on experience provided students with valuable insights into modern construction techniques, project management, and sustainable building practices. The visit also highlighted the importance of integrating wellness and community-focused elements into urban development.”

The day concluded with a visit to the Upside-Down House along Brighton's seafront, where students captured some fantastic photos!

Looking ahead, East Sussex College and QED Ltd will collaborate on a sustainable extension project starting in September 2024. Students will focus on incorporating renewable technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines into the Sea Lanes development, contributing to environmental responsibility in construction.

"Our partnership with Harry and Sea Lanes will provide our students with a unique opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to a tangible, impactful project," added Georgina. "This initiative will not only enhance their technical skills but also instil a strong foundation in sustainable development practices.

“As we move forward, we anticipate this collaboration will foster innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability in construction.”

East Sussex College extends its thanks to QED Ltd for their support in providing this valuable learning experience. As the collaboration progresses, both organisations look forward to furthering sustainable practices in urban development and preparing students for successful careers in construction.