9 December 2022

Students Raise Money at Art Fair

Artists and Makers Fair Lewes

Art & Design students from East Sussex College Lewes, participated in the annual Artists and Makers Fair held in Lewes Town Hall and raised £535.50 for their fantastic efforts!

Fourteen Art & Design students from East Sussex College’s Lewes campus attended the Artists and Makers Fair in Lewes to raise funds for their Royal Opera House Challenge work to be displayed in the exhibition space at the Star Brewery Gallery in February 2023.

The fair provided students with the opportunity to sell their own work, learn how to market, present, display, and promote their work. They produced and sold a wide variety of products including greetings cards, postcards and laser copy prints, as well as their original screen-prints, drypoints or linocuts.

James Dibiase, Art & Design tutor at East Sussex College, said, “This is a fantastic example of what we do so well at the College - when everyone pulls together and supports each other to champion the creativity of our students.

“The class went into production, using their newly learnt printmaking skills to create a range of amazing outcomes. Over last weekend at the Fair they made a grand total of £535.50 in sales from their work. This is particularly impressive when many of the works were selling for under £10 each. I just want to say a big thank you to all those involved!”

Following many successful sales at the fair, students decided to set up a Pop-Up Fair at the Lewes campus reception and are continuing to make sales! They have now reached their financial target and are on course to even have a little surplus!