30 March 2022

Travel & Tourism students visit Disneyland Paris!

East Sussex College Eastbourne students in Paris

East Sussex College Eastbourne students studying Level 3 Travel & Tourism had the pleasure of visiting Disneyland Paris in March as part of their studies.

Travel & Tourism at East Sussex College’s Eastbourne campus took 30 students on a trip to Disneyland Paris for four days. The students and staff travelled to Paris by coach via Eurotunnel and stayed at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne.

ESC was one of the first colleges to return to Disneyland Paris since the Covid restrictions were lifted in the United Kingdom.

Speaking about what the students got up to, Jeanette Beckwith, Travel & Tourism Co-ordinator at East Sussex College Eastbourne, said, “We had the most amazing weather everyday. After an early breakfast we made use of the early pass and spent a full day in the Disneyland Parks wearing the obligatory Mickey Mouse ears!

“The light show and fireworks ended a perfect day with the amazing drone show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.”

She added, “The students also attended an insightful Travel & Tourism conference followed by an afternoon in the parks and shopping. For the evening we took the train into Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower by night. Several students even ventured to the top of the tower!”

“On the way back we took a cruise along the River Seine and then set off home with some very tired, but happy students!”

Jeanette outlined why future students should look to study Travel & Tourism and explained the value of trips to Disneyland Paris for students.

“Trips like Disneyland Paris, Thorpe Park and Cabin Crew training make learning come alive, reinforcing the topics being taught. Trips also create bonding and friendships across the travel classes. As teachers we see students' confidence grow with memories that last forever."

“Also, hearing students discussing and observing issues or topics we have learnt about in class and making valued judgement, makes everything come together and there is evidence of students improving their written assignments when back in class.”

She added, “Travel & Tourism opens the door to many exciting careers and enhances students' transferable skills. Trips open other opportunities and awareness of what jobs there are available. For instance, the conference at Disneyland covered careers working at a Disney resort and the many different roles available and progression opportunities. This left many students thinking about this as an option for after college.

“Trips also allow students to meet professionals in the workplace and ask questions. Suddenly, students then realise why they have had to learn facts and vocabulary, and why the criteria is set.”

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