17 August 2021

Vocational courses - What you need to know

Vocational courses - What you need to know

Vocational courses are for students who want more hands-on learning and they can be a great way to get directly into work. At ESC we have multiple vocational courses for a variety of industries. Here are our top tips for surviving a vocational course.

Don’t Rush

The majority of vocational courses rely on practical and coursework for your grades, no exams are needed. This means you get a lot more time to complete your assignments so use this time.

Taking more time to complete assignments helps you to make it even better. If you read over it multiple times you're more likely to spot mistakes or realise where you need to add more information or even take something away.

Learn in your own time

Having this time means you can also look into more information yourself. Self-learning and then adding that information to your work can make your grades better and show your ingenuity.

You might eventually be using your tutor as a reference on your CV so showing ingenuity is something every employer wants to see.

Set up a schedule

Scheduling is something important for everything and can really help in the future too as organizational skills are vital on a CV.

Having a schedule also helps you to plan your days and stress less!

Talk to people

On a vocational course, everyone you're studying with will most likely have similar interests and goals. Talk to them and you could make some great friends among your classmates.

Friends make studying easier especially if you all do the same or similar things.

Look to the future

College is all about preparing for the future and with a vocational course you have many options as to what you can do. Looking into your options and contacting the right people early can help you get a great head start and make you stand out to potential employers/universities.

At the end of the day, a vocational course is a fantastic qualification for any student with a specific work idea in mind. To find out more about our choices of vocational courses check out our course page and follow us on all platforms to stay up to date.