30 April 2021

Zen Experience for Students

High Needs students enjoy some sensory relaxation

The return to college full-time can be overwhelming for many students, not least for Entry 1 students with High Needs. To support them during this time, East Sussex College planned wellbeing activities with advice from Therapy Assistant, Bronwen Hoad, to relieve stress and anxiety during this somewhat unusual and busy time.

Students enjoyed the sessions such as creating sensory bottles, music lessons, wellbeing walks with Paddie the Wellbeing Dog, and sensory massage with yoga relaxation. A favourite session has been creating the 'Zen Den' in class, while exploring soothing Aromatherapy and sensory hand massages!

"Many of our High Needs students continued to access college throughout lockdown, however some learners have only just recently returned to classrooms after a full year away as they have been shielding," says Ellie Driscoll, E1 Course Coordinator for Foundation Learning in Eastbourne. "After so long away from college routine, we are immensely proud of all the students and how they have managed returning to college full time. The Zen Den was a huge hit, and it was such a nice way to wind down for students... and staff!"