The Students’ Union is a fun and exciting place in the College, where there is always something happening! It is a great place to meet new people, get involved in various activities, run amazing events and take part in some unique experiences! The Students’ Union are the executive team for the Students and essentially your voice. This means the SU have a role to play in recommending changes or improvements that students would like to see at the College. The Union are here to ensure you have the best possible experience while you are with us at ESC!

It's your voice

Get Involved!

We are student-elected representatives - working to make sure your time at ESC is the amazing, life changing experience it should be. Our representation system, led by a Student President and Student Officers means that with our support you have a very powerful voice to address the College on whatever issues may come your way. We offer a hugely diverse range of social opportunities, designed for you to make new friends, learn new things, improve your fitness, take up new hobbies or develop old ones. Being part of the Students’ Union will give you the opportunity to take part in projects and teach you skills that few other will be able to talk about. For that reason, it looks great on CV’s and applications… but most of all it’s fun!

Have a voice


Any student can apply to become a member of the Students’ Union! Elections are held once a year.

Candidates are required to campaign for a position within the Union and are elected by fellow students. Each post focuses on different responsibilities e.g.

  • Vice-President
  • Events Officer
  • Equality and Diversity Officer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Student Engagement & Community Officer
  • First Year Representative

What’s going on…?

Don't miss a thing

Our aim is to produce a well-rounded calendar of events that incorporates all students, whatever their interests. We organise all your trips, events, live music, BBQ’s and quiz nights and an end of year festival! You name it we do it! All of our events are accessible to all students, making them affordable and diverse.

The SU also encourage everyone to attend useful life skills workshops such as ‘Managing your Money with HSBC’, ‘British Sign Language for Beginners’ and ‘Safe Drive, Stay Alive’ these workshops include guest speakers who will answer any queries you have. These events are advertised through the Students’ Union and our Social Media page… so make sure you follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page.

The Student Voice

The Student Voice is our commitment to seeking your views and opinions on your experience as student at East Sussex College. The Student Voice allows us to continually challenge and improve the learning experience for all our students. To identify the needs of students we organise regular

Student Committee meetings with College management to discuss certain issues affecting the community and ways in which they can be resolved. Below are some of the topics discussed at The Student Committee meetings:

  • Student environment
  • Financial support
  • College facilities
  • Social activities

All the information received at the Student Committee is then displayed into a poster called ‘You Said, We Did’. This is circulated around the whole College to both staff and students. This poster provides everyone with information about what the committee have discussed and gives us an idea of the planned improvements. Joining the Committee gives you the opportunity to speak up, have your say, and be heard! If you would like to be involved with the Student Committee, please speak with your Student President. Remember, make the most of your experience, get involved and enjoy College!

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