Sussex colleges’ Skills Development Fund project

The Project:

Establish a network of decarbonisation Academies in Sussex to support retrofitting and green energy installation

Over the next 30 years, we must decarbonise over 27 million homes in the UK. That means reducing the amount of C02 emitted from those properties by installing insulation, building services and renewable energy systems at a scale and pace never seen before.

This unprecedented challenge will require the retaining of skilled trades and professionals to install domestic green energy solutions and ensure that houses and commercial properties are sufficiently insulated to ensure these new technologies work effectively and efficiently.

East Sussex College Group is working with Chichester College Group and GBMet to establish 5 decarbonisation academies across Sussex that supports the development of skills in retrofitting and green energy installation.

These centres will support Local Authorities, construction employers and homeowners and businesses to improve insulation and installing a range of green energy products (solar, micro-wind, heat pump technology etc) in commercial properties and housing that reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

New courses will focus on three interconnected areas to ensure that we upskill the existing skilled workforce:

Key project outputs include:

  • 5 centres of excellence established
  • Decarbonisation Academy equipment purchased
  • 15 new courses designed with employers and LA stakeholders that provide existing employees the opportunity to upskill
  • Learning resources created and fully digitised
  • 100 learners trained
  • 25 employers engaged
  • 50 College Staff trained to deliver these programmes

Key outcomes include:

  • Students can develop new and emerging skills for roles yet to be fully realised linked to the decarbonisation of housing and alternative energy sources, providing them with a competitive advantage in the jobs market.
  • Upskilling existing construction employees will provide additional employment or specialisation opportunities as some trade skills are impacted by AI and automation.
  • State of the art training centres available for training with access to the latest curriculum on-site and online.
  • Longer term capacity is significantly increased in mid 2020s to enable construction employers and LAs to accelerate decarbonisation of housing and commercial properties with skilled staff
  • The project will enable local authorities, businesses and homeowners to support the achievement of KPIs in the government’s Decarbonisation Strategy and Paris 2020 and COP26 commitments to the country becoming Net Zero by 2050.

Visit the Greener Sussex website to find out more: