Aaliyah Duval

Aaliyah Duval

“I’m one of only two girls on my course, but I have the motivation to work hard and prove that girls can have a career in Bricklaying.”

Hi, my name is Aaliyah Duval, and I do Level 1 Brickwork at East Sussex College Eastbourne.

I think this is a really good place to study because it has the course I wanted to do, which is Bricklaying, and it also gives me the opportunity to re-do my GCSEs in math and English, so that I can get a grade 4.

I'm one of only two girls on my course and I found that a bit awkward when I first started. There was this stereotype that, because I’m a girl, I would be able to build walls, make sure things are level, or carry bricks. But I’ve proved the boys wrong, because I was able to do it.

As the year has gone on, I’ve settled into the course much more and get on really well with everyone. They’re all really nice people.

I really wanted to do this course because not many girls do it. I wanted to show all the girls out there that they can do it. I feel like the course is quite hard because it is male dominated, but that gives me so much motivation to work hard and prove that girls can have a career in this industry.

The course is definitely giving me the skills I need for the future, not only is it teaching me how to build walls, but also how to work well with other people onsite.

I’ve gained a lot more confidence by studying here. If I didn't come and do this course, then I wouldn't have met new people and would probably continue to be quite shy.