Sam Evans

Sam Evans

"The Lifeguarding qualification helped me get a place at Camp America!"

I study Level 3 Sport at East Sussex College, Lewes. The thing that attracted me about this course was all the different aspects of sport you study. We learn everything about the body, from massage to the cardiovascular system and then the likes of personal training and coaching. The tutors all make themselves welcome to talk to you. Their door is always open and they always have loads of information, which has really helped me.

“I completed the NPLQ, which helped me get a place working at Camp America this upcoming summer! This course has been a great evolution for me!”

Outside the classroom, we’ve got opportunities to learn with Wave Leisure. They offer lifeguard training and work experience, so anything to do with swimming or coaching as well, Wave is a really good place to go, plus it’s just two minutes down the road.

We’ve been going on loads of trips, which helps build our interest in different sports, like white water rafting! We’ve had the opportunity to go to Barcelona, which is great if you want to work abroad and get an insight into the bigger clubs and have tours around there.

I completed the lifeguarding qualification at the start of the year. That was a week at Wave Leisure, which offered experience outside of college. We get the NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification) for two years. Personally that’s helped me get a place at Camp America for the upcoming summer. That was very beneficial and it also included First Aid training which meant I became a qualified First Aider as well!