10 September 2019

Stevie Boreham

Stevie Boreham

"I’m Stevie and I’m studying Music Performance and Production. A typical day includes going into the studio, recording your own songs and working with other people, mixing your own project as well."

In the first year of the course you’re given more instructions and are led by the tutors, but in the second year you’re left to your own devices – you know what you’re doing now so get on with it.

I chose this course because I’ve always had a passion for music. In my first year of college I was actually doing A-Levels but found out it wasn’t for me, so I decided to move and do music.

The advice I’d give is make sure you do have a passion for music. I think some people choose it because they think it’s going to be an easy subject, but it’s not. You’ve really got to like what you’re doing.