Toby Farrage

Toby Farrage

"My ambition has always been to join the Police, and this course has helped me secure a job in the Metropolitan Police after college.”

I'm Toby Farrage, and I’m studying Level 3 Uniformed Public Services at East Sussex College Lewes.

It’s always been an ambition of mine to become a police officer. After looking around at other colleges in the local area, I quickly discovered that the Public Services course offered here was the best course.

The course is really great and has given me so much knowledge about law and order. We study modules about politics, psychology, sociology, what makes up an emergency incident, what makes a major incident, the different ranks within the services, how the services are run, what it takes to get into the services, health and fitness, teamwork, communication, self-discipline - there is so much.

A big part of our course is made up of trips and work placement. We’ve been on some really great trips to see how public services operate and gain an insight into what it will be like to do those jobs. We were also able to source our own work experience placements so we can build up our experience ready for when we start our careers.

I am not very academic and have never really enjoyed education, but my tutor, Carey, is really helpful and understanding and has helped me to get the most out of this course. In fact, everything I have learnt on the course and all the opportunities I have been given have helped me to secure a job offered as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police.