East Sussex College


While the East Sussex College Alumni was launched in 2012, the college itself has a long history and counts former students from all its predecessor institutions amongst its alumni.

East Sussex College was created in 2018 as result of a merger between Sussex Downs College and Sussex Coast College Hastings.

Colleges have combined over many years to make up what is now East Sussex College and have their own distinct history, with each college having been through a number of mergers, name changes and other transformations within living memory.

We welcome former students from previous incarnations of the colleges into the East Sussex College Alumni.

Alumni Groups

ESC Alumni is eager to work with already existing alumni groups for former students of the predecessor schools and colleges.

We are pleased to have established close links with the Eastbourne Old Grammarians Association (EOGA), who remain active in facilitating contact between ex-students of the Eastbourne Grammar School and the college as it stands today. For more information on the Old Grammarians, please visit their website: www.oldgramms.co.uk.

If you belong to another alumni group for former students of any of the previous incarnations of the college, we would love to hear from you:

Tel: 030 300 39076
Email: comms@escg.ac.uk

Membership of ESC Alumni is open to anyone who attended any of the following schools and colleges:

  • Sussex Downs College
  • Sussex Coast College Hastings
  • Lewes Tertiary College
  • Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology
  • Hastings College of Arts and Technology
  • Park College
  • Eastbourne Sixth Form College
  • Lewes Technical College
  • Lewes Priory Sixth Form
  • Eastbourne College of Further Education
  • Eastbourne College of Art and Design
  • Eastbourne Grammar and High School
  • Eastbourne Grammar School
  • Eastbourne Girls’ High School
  • Lewes County Grammar School (Boys & Girls)
  • Lewes Secondary Modern School

If you attended any of the above schools or colleges and would be interested in finding out about news and events at East Sussex College now, being involved in the life of the college, or gaining access to exclusive ESC Alumni membership benefits, then please fill in our registration form.


If you’ve got any more information, stories or pictures relating to the history of East Sussex College and its predecessor institutions, we’d be fascinated to find out more, so please contact us:

Tel: 030 300 39076
Email: comms@escg.ac.uk