Student Social Events

Student Social Events held outside of the College Day (8:30am - 4:30pm) and/or off the College Premises

Please be aware that the College cannot be held responsible for the safety, or behaviour, of any student whilst they are travelling to or from an event, and any time spent outside of the venue. The Venue Staff, Police and/or College can ensure safeguards are in place for students whilst they are inside the venue but are not in a position to extend this responsibility beyond the venue site or the times of the event.

Parents should be aware of the following conditions to which students must adhere when attending Student Social Events that are organised by the Student Union or College Staff. They are outlined on the reverse of the tickets and are highlighted to students at point of purchase:

  • All students will be required to show valid ESC ID on entry to the venue.
  • If the event is licensed, and a student wishes to purchase alcohol, they must show valid photo ID.
  • The venue staff reserve the right to refuse entry to students who are obviously under the influence of alcohol.
  • They also reserve the right to remove students from the venue, and/or deny them re-entry, if they are behaving in aggressive, drunken or antisocial ways.
  • The College and venue’s responsibility to safeguard students ceases when they are outside the venue.

The College would ask that parents/carers support us in our policy of promoting responsible attitudes towards the consumption of alcohol. The promotion of responsible attitudes and behaviour can be put to the test by a minority of individuals at these times.If a student does not abide by the conditions above, they must accept that sanctions applied by the Venue staff, the police or the College as a consequence may well have an impact on their experience of the event and their position at the College.