Taking the initiative to find your own work placement is one of the best ways to enter the world of work. It will help your reputation as a forward-thinking student/employee too.

Finding your own placement means you get the experience that you really want - in the industry you want! It will make your placement more satisfying for you - and employers will be impressed by your enthusiasm, motivation and maturity.

Work Placements give our students practical experience directly related to their course, which will help prepare them for the world of work.

7 reasons why a work placement would be of benefit to you

  1. It enables you to use and apply the skills from your course to the work setting.

  2. It helps you to understand the skills and competences sought after by employers.

  3. It lets you discover first-hand how an organisation or business operates on a daily basis, and longer term.

  4. It gives you an insight into a particular role or industry (this may be quite different from what you first think!).

  5. It offers valuable networking opportunities, which helps you when you're seeking employment later on.

  6. It may let you complete training courses - additional training opportunities to then add to your bank of skills and C.V.

  7. It can help you determine your career goals, by either confirming your choice or broadening your career path.

ESCG Placement Process

So firstly, you will need to find a company that you would like to carry out your work placement with, so research the company in the first instance.

Before you can attend your placement, the work placement team will need to carry out health and safety checks and ensure the company has employer liability insurance.

Remember the placement team is here to support you and your personal tutor too.

Placement Preparation

In your first term, your tutor will support you to research potential placements and prepare you for when you carry out your placement.

Placements will normally take place in the Spring and Summer terms unless otherwise required by the course.

Employer Placements

Click the link below to see the employers our students have worked with:

ESCG Placement Case Study

Click here to read a case study from Carol Cook who took part in our the Erasmus Programme 2019/20.

Placement Health and Safety

Under Health & Safety Law, placement providers (the employer) has primary responsibility for the health and safety of the student and manage any significant risks.

Before undertaking your work placement, the college will ensure that your chosen employer has the required health and safety and insurance requirements to assure your safety.

Placement Team

Susan Peters
Placement Co-ordinator
Tel: 030 300 39622

Gemma Farebrother
Placement Co-ordinator
Tel: 030 300 39841

Michelle Sweetman
Placement Co-ordinator
Tel: 030 300 38508