November 2021

Ofsted Report

Ofsted announced the College’s new ‘Good Provider’ status following an inspection at its campuses (Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes and Newhaven) in late November.

The inspection report confirmed that East Sussex College has achieved ‘Good’ ratings in all areas, including; Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, Leadership and Management, Education Programmes for Young People, Adult Learning Programmes, Apprenticeships, and Provision for Learners with High Needs.

The inspection examined the entire East Sussex College cohort, which, along with students studying academic and vocational programmes, included its 1702 adult students and 1634 apprentices. Across the board, Ofsted reported, “Students and apprentices respect and support each other in the classroom. They encourage each other during discussions and share ideas. This helps them to learn from each other and build their confidence and resilience.”

Ofsted then looked into what it’s like to be a student with East Sussex College and found that students “benefit from a strong culture of mutual respect and tolerance that leaders, managers and staff have created.” Furthermore, Ofsted identified that “they work together well despite their different backgrounds, interests and abilities.”

Ofsted inspectors praised teaching staff for their planning, saying, “Students benefit from an extensive range of well planned courses which help them achieve their goals and move on to higher levels of learning at the college or to employment and independent living.

“Teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects and committed to their roles. They use their extensive knowledge, skills and experience effectively to inspir
e students and apprentices and help them to develop their knowledge and skills.”

Along with the student experience and quality of education, ESC was recognised as being a place where “students and apprentices feel safe”.

The inspection also outlined the College’s position in the communities in which it serves, saying, “They have developed and changed the curriculum offer appropriately to meet local needs successfully.” Additionally, “Leaders have formed strong links with local and regional partners that help them understand and meet the needs of people in Sussex and beyond.”

In the same week as our inspection, we launched our new Strategic Plan. The next stage of our journey will ensure that we provide an outstanding student experience in the years to come.

Rebecca Conroy, CEO of East Sussex College said:

"We are absolutely delighted with the latest Ofsted report which confirms that we have achieved a ‘Good’ grade. I would like to credit all staff and students for their high quality work and we are extremely pleased that our various strengths have been recognised.”

“The report continues our positive growth into the 2021/22 academic year, which has seen us overcome challenges and secure our status as a leading further education [FE] provider for years to come.”