17 August 2021

Top Organisation Tips

Top Organisation Tips

Now that the summer holidays are fully underway we hope that you are having fun while also staying safe now that things are starting to open back up again.

But we also know that September is getting closer and this means so is the start date of the new term which is both super exciting but can also be scary. As we promised with our first blog post that we sent to you back in June here are our top tips for organising yourself so that day one runs smoothly.

Plan travel in advance

We know we've already said this but it's one of the most important things to plan travel ahead of time. Knowing when and where you need to be for your on campus days is the best way to stay ahead and not miss out on any classes due to being late or stressed out.

Check out our handy travel guides for our Eastbourne, Hastings and Lewes campuses and if those haven't got what you need check the Southern Rail and Stagecoach websites to find any timetables you may need.


One of the best ways to organise yourself is to create a schedule that helps you to work out times around your classes so that you can fit in self study as well as anything you want to do in your personal or College life.

Here is a useful video going through some useful tips for creating a schedule.

Food prep

Making sure that you can fuel your days is super important so planning what or how you are going to eat in advance is a good way to stop any last minute panicking and can help you pick better foods that will fuel your brain.

If you are someone who really wants to be ahead of things why not try meal prepping, Healthline has a really easy to understand article with some top tips for meal prep.

Pack your bags

Something that always gets people is not having the equipment they need on them, someone always forgets a pen or only one person brings in a pencil sharpener there's always something that will get in the way of a smooth first day.

These are super easy to avoid and only add an extra minute or two to your day so why not over summer create a daily checklist that you can use to pack your things and not forget anything. You can be even more efficient by packing anything you won’t need in the morning the night before so you can get those extra precious minutes of sleep.

Why not create a checklist on your phone of the important things you need? It's convenient and useful

Set your own rules and goals

Setting little rules or tasks for yourself and placing them on post-it notes around your room or in any other way you might see them is a great way to keep yourself organised and focused over the summer without putting too much stress on yourself. It is also a great tool to use during term time to stay focused and remind you what needs to be done.

Hopefully, you find that these tips will be useful for you not only for the summer and when you start but also far into your future. Come follow us on Twitter,Instagram, and Facebook or check out our blog for more helpful info as well as updates about what's going on around college while we wait to welcome everyone back in September.