19 August 2021

Top planning tips for optimising your college days

Photo by Igor Son on Unsplash

We are getting closer and closer to the start of the first term at college. You should soon be receiving your class timetables for the year which means it's the perfect time for you to start planning your day.

Use your phone

I know it sounds strange that we are encouraging you to use your phone but when it comes to scheduling it's the most useful tool you have. Everyone already has a calendar app. Why not use it for reminders on due dates or trips.

And there are even external apps like calendly that help you plan your days in depth. Having at least a rough plan on an app makes organizing everything just that little bit easier.

Plan for breaks

When you are studying you need to take breaks even if it's 5 minutes every hour. Make sure you make space for this in your schedule because the little breaks add up time.

Be Realistic

There are only 24 hours in a day this number won't change and when you need at least 8 hours of sleep it can be difficult to figure out when to fit in everything else.

Don’t overload your day's burnout is something that anyone can go through but it is more common in students so if you need a break take a break.

Pre-Plan time

Set aside free time for when you want to do your own things even if they aren't booked. Keep things like weekends as free as you can for impromptu things. And if things come up don’t be afraid to shuffle around your schedule to make it work.

Don’t plan too much

This can actually be really easy to do especially once you are invested in something it can be easy to put a long study session down and plan to do several topics in this time. Cramming information is one of the worst ways to study as it makes it easier for your brain to forget information.

Instead, try having each day in the week be for the study of a specific subject so you can take breaks and keep as much information in your brain as possible.

Scheduling can help make everything seem so much less daunting and help you to become more organized. For more information come follow us on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates over the summer.