accessibility statement

East Sussex College is committed to taking positive action to remove barriers to success for all students, particularly those who are disabled. We are happy to embrace the disability provisions of the Single Equality Act 2010 which echoes our own College commitment to promote equal opportunities and diversity.

We recognise our responsibility to:

  • promote equality of opportunity between disabled people and other people
  • eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • eliminate disability related harassment
  • promote positive attitudes to disabled people
  • encourage participation by disabled people in public life
  • take account of disabled people’s disabilities, even where that involves treating disabled people more favourably than others.

East Sussex College

  • welcomes disabled students
  • has helped many disabled students to complete their courses successfully
  • offers a wide range of full and part-time courses in academic and vocational subjects
  • offers information, advice and guidance to find the right course
  • runs special programmes for students with severe impairments or learning difficulties
  • has modern campuses with easy access to most rooms and buildings
  • will provide reasonable adjustments for disabled students
  • has a wide range of support facilities for disabled students
  • has specialist teachers, tutors and learning support staff
  • can provide additional support in class and during examinations
  • can provide special materials and equipment
  • may be able to provide off site support for students.

under the equality act 2010 we are required to:

admissions procedure

If you are disabled, please tell us about your access needs or learning difficulty as soon as possible. It will help us to help you better if you contact the College before you apply, particularly if you need any individual arrangements for interview. In response to your application we will assess your access to learning needs and make every effort to provide the support or specialist equipment you need. We can also arrange for you to come for an accessibility visit. If we are unable to provide the support you need, for example, if a specialist service or re-source cannot be made available, we will let you know in writing, giving the reasons.

examinations and assessments

If you are disabled, you should not be disadvantaged in exams or assessments. Awarding bodies have clear guidelines about the level and type of support that can be given in par-ticular circumstances. Appropriate arrangements will be made for students who have been assessed as needing support.

range of support available

Access to support is based on an assessment of your learning needs.Here are some examples of support we may provide:

  • Support for students who have difficulty with literacy and/or numeracy
  • Support for students who have dyslexia and/or dyspraxia
  • Extra tutorials with specialist staff
  • Learner Assistants to help on course • Support for students who have a hearing or visual impairment
  • Interpreters, communication support workers, note takers, or other specialists
  • Alphasmarts, laptops or Dictaphones
  • Materials in accessible formats, enlarged text or software
  • Physical assistance or other aids to access learning
  • Special assessments and exam arrangements
  • Specialist courses for students with learning difficulties

see also:

staff expertise

The College prides itself on the level and diversity of qualifications of its staff, who are ex-perienced in supporting students with a broad spectrum of impairments and learning difficulties, including students who have hearing impairments, visual impairments, dyslexia, or other specific learning difficulties.

buildings and accommodation

The Colleges main campuses are at Eastbourne and Lewes. Denton Island Training and Business Centre is in Newhaven. The College also uses many schools and community venues and provides education and training through franchise partners. Please contact us to discuss where you would like to study, so that we can advise you of its facilities and, if appropriate, arrange an accessibility visit with you. The Eastbourne and Lewes buildings are almost all purpose-built modern buildings with good accessibility and facilities. They have been audited to make sure they comply with the Disability Discrimination Act Part 4 and there is an on-going programme of improve-ments to make them even better. Denton Island Training and Business Centre is a new building and allows full access for users with restricted mobility or wheelchairs. At present, there is limited access to the upper floors of Park College, Eastbourne.

participation and consultation

The College is required by law to consult with students and to involve them in decisions which affect them. Some of our students may be disabled and have particular access needs (they may have learning difficulties, sensory or physical impairments or mental health issues and need, for example, particular equipment, communication support, or materials in a format accessible for them). We are pleased to be told about the access needs our disabled students have, and if they are happy to discuss them with the relevant staff it helps us to do what we can to meet their specific needs and to understand how we might improve our services to all students, particularly those who are disabled. We also encourage all students to speak to their tutors, learning support teachers and course teachers about any problems or suggestions they might have about our service – and to become involved in various college activities to increase student participation.

complaints and appeals

The College is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to all its students. Despite our best efforts, things can sometimes go wrong. If you are dissatisfied, please talk first to your College contact and try to reach an informal resolution. If you wish to take your complaint further, please see our Compliments, Concerns & Complaints Policy & Procedure.