Economics A-Level

During this Economics A-Level, you will study key theoretical concepts, improve your understanding of politics, current affairs, and the environment, and realise that economics can be applied to almost all aspects of life.




Level 3

Course Type

16 +


A Level


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What will I study?

During this two-year course, you will study key theoretical concepts, such as supply and demand, competition and monopoly. You will improve your knowledge and awareness of politics, government policy, current affairs, and the environment. You will then start to discover answers to economic questions, such as why the price of petrol keeps rising, why education is free in the UK, and whether all nations benefit from free trade and globalisation.

What previous qualifications or experience do I need?

A GCSE grade 5 in English and Maths.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through three exams at the end of the second year. Each exam contributes 33.3% to your A-Level.

What qualification will I achieve?

You will achieve an A-Level at the end of the 2 year programme.

What can I do after completing this course?

Once you have finished this course, you can move onto a variety of university courses and careers. It can provide an insight into decision making in a variety of occupations, including law, town planning, business management and marketing, as well as conservation and environmental management.

Are there any extra costs?

You will need to buy a copy of the course text book, the cost of which is approximately £30. In addition, there will be opportunities to attend revision conferences for which there is a cost in the region of £25.

Additional Info

We recommend that you engage in independent study and keep up with current financial affairs to really maximise your potential on this course.