Further Mathematics A-Level

Studied alongside Mathematics, this two-year course will help you broaden and deepen your mathematical knowledge. You will build on topics from A-Level Mathematics such as trigonometry and calculus, and you will also meet new topics, such as matrices and complex numbers.




Level 3

Course Type

16 +


A Level


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What will I study?

We give you the chance to study Further Maths alongside Mathematics, but we are the only local college to offer Further Maths as an entirely Pure Maths course.

This means you also have the opportunity to learn about topics such as Groups and Number Theory, which investigate some of the building blocks of mathematics.

Over the next two years, you will study the content of the new A-Level Edexcel Further Maths syllabus. You will study:

  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices
  • Further Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Series
  • Vectors
  • Groups
  • Number Theory

What previous qualifications or experience do I need?

A GCSE grade 7 in Maths.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the second year, you will sit four papers. Each paper is one hour and thirty minutes.

What qualification will I achieve?

A level Further Maths qualification is achieved at the end of the second year of study.

What can I do after completing this course?

Further Mathematics is recommended if you are considering a university degree in Maths, Engineering, Physics or Computing. These courses will build on many of the techniques you will study in Further Maths.

Are there any extra costs?

You will need to purchase text books which will cost about £45.

Additional Info

Further Mathematics qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities. Students who take Further Mathematics are really demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies, as well as learning mathematics that is very useful for any mathematically rich degree.

Some prestigious university courses require you to have a Further Mathematics qualification, and others may adjust their grade requirements more favourably to students with Further Mathematics.

If you are not planning to study for mathematically rich degrees but are keen on mathematics, you will find Further Mathematics a very enjoyable course and having a Further Mathematics qualification identifies you as having excellent analytical skills, whatever area you are considering for a career.