Biology A-Level

Biology A-Level will help you to develop a wider understanding of the living phenomena surrounding us. You will discover new components of cells, explore the structure and function of organs, and expand your knowledge of DNA, cell division and immunity.


Hastings (Station Plaza)


Level 3

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16 +


A Level


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What will I study?

Biology A-Level is an exciting and practical two-year course that will teach you more about the millions of living organisms on this planet. Throughout the course, you will gain experience in conducting a variety of practical procedures and experiments, helping you to develop mathematical, analytical, and evaluative skills.

You will study a number of modules across the two years.

In year one, you will study biological molecules, including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and DNA. You will take a closer look at cells, including cell division, movement of substances into and out of cells, pathogens, cell recognition, and the immune system. You will also learn more about how organisms exchange substances with their environment, such as gas exchange, digestion and absorption.

In the second year, you will discover how energy transfers in and between organisms, taking a closer look at photosynthesis, respiration, nutrient cycles. You will learn how organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments, particularly the nervous system, muscles, homeostasis. You will analyse evolution and ecosystems and understand the control of gene expression, exploring mutations, regulation of protein synthesis, cancer, DNA technology, and genetic fingerprinting. You will also consider how you might save endangered species, cure deadly diseases, and feed an ever-growing population.

What previous qualifications or experience do I need?

A GCSE grade 5 in Maths, Combined Science 66 or Biology grade 6.

How will I be assessed?

Your assessments will be entirely through exams.

What qualification will I achieve?

Once you have completed this course, you will achieve an A-Level in Biology.

What can I do after completing this course?

Once you have finished this course, you can progress to university to study either a broad-based biological science course or one in which you specialise in a particular area of science.

After your studies, there are a number of career opportunities available to you. You may be able to work in the field of medicine, become a physiotherapist, explore zoology, enter into veterinary science, environmental health, or even horticulture.

Are there any extra costs?

There may be some additional costs during the course for trips and visits to further your learning.